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Ferrying and Transportation

We provide safe removal and transportation of your damaged aircraft. Our experts will travel to your location to give you a precise estimate of transportation and repair costs. Many times, a damaged aircraft can be flown to our shop by one of our specialist pilots under an FAA ferry permit, which we obtain for you. This operation is covered fully under our fleet insurance policy, and it can save you both downtime and costs. We have been 100% safe and successful with this method! When ferrying is not practical, we will carefully disassemble your aircraft and return it to our location on one of our specially equipped rigs.

Through, non-destructive testing and inspection After accepting the damaged aircraft, we inspect each part before repairing or replacing it. In addition to the Hangar 6, Inc. in-house facilities, we make wide use of independent testing and radiographic laboratories to detect minute flaws and verify component quality.

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